Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

Welcome! I’m Kim and some of you may know me as the founder of Blue Brew Tea. You may be wondering, why the change? Here I answer a few questions people had for me when I wanted to start anew...

Why did you decide to start a new brand? 

I started Blue Brew Tea knowing very little about starting a business or building a brand. 2020 was a big year (pandemic aside), it seemed like being stuck in the one place was what I needed to figure out what I wanted to put out into the world, it's like something finally clicked! 

So now equipped with new knowledge, experience and a strong support network, I decided to start sumthing new.


What’s your inspiration behind the change?

As much as I love blue tea, the world of tea is abundant and I don't want to be restricted to just one colour. 

I find joy in taking inspiration from everything around me. Moving to Asia has opened my eyes to a world of flavours and ingredients  that I didn't appreciate when I was at home in Australia. 

I realised that by offering only one colour, I wasn’t catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.I also found that a lot of boutique tea brands available in the Asian market tend to cater towards women.

I want Sum Tea to be different, I want to offer a range for all people, occasions and preferences; sumthing for everyone 

What’s the meaning behind the name, Sum Tea?

I like names with multiple meanings; I ask ‘Do you want some tea?’ ALL the time and I love puns so swapping out ‘some’ for ‘sum’ was a thrill!

As for most people, 2020 was a wild year, I think we all learnt that in the absence of our usual modes of entertainment, we can actually find comfort in the small things like lighting a candle and enjoying a cup of tea; happiness = sum of all good things in life.

My favourite meaning of all is ‘sum’ or 心 means heart in cantonese; an ode to Hong Kong, a place I’ve called home since 2018. It's also a commitment to building a company that has heart and meaning. 
Sum Tea Founder Kim Le


What can we expect to see from Sum Tea?

You’ll still see plenty of blue tea but expect more! More colours, more collections, more collaborations, more content and more heart!

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Kim xx