Spill Sum Tea #1: Casa of Love by Kayla Wong and P.S. I Love You

Spill Sum Tea #1: Casa of Love by Kayla Wong and P.S. I Love You

Welcome to our Spill Sum Tea series where we share with you the story and inspiration behind our tea blends. 

To kick things off, we're spilling the tea on our very first collaboration; Casa of Love, a story-telling platform that celebrates love in all shapes, colours and forms

We were honoured to be invited to join a handful of local makers; WOODCO, Laizas Ceramics and illustrator, Rachel Chingto create sumthing special for a capsule collection curated by Kayla Wong, a prominent LGBTQ+ ambassador based in Hong Kong. 

She uses her platform to share her relationship with fiancée, Elaine Chen-Fernandez, with the hope of normalising same sex relatonships. She’s now taking it further with her newly launched passion project, Casa of Love.

But first, the #inspo for the blend

Fortunately, Kayla was already a fan of our tea from our Blue Brew Tea days. She loved the P.S. I Love Blue blend of chamomile, lavender and butterfly pea flowers & didn’t want to change that formula too much.

After learning about Casa of Love, we suggested adding rose, for a touch of love. The colours of the ingredients also roughly mirror that of the rainbow, a small nod to Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, let’s #spillsumtea with Kayla

Tell us the story behind Casa Of Love, what was your inspiration? 

    Casa of Love is a new passion project of mine! I’ve always wanted to do something more for Pride and also support local independent makers so I just kind of combined the 2 ideas together! 

    The message behind Casa of Love is Love is Love, we all have love stories and they are all our own but we share the common hope of finding a home in someone. 
    Why did you decide to collaborate with small, local businesses? 

      There are so many talented crafters and creators in Hong Kong but I think so little emphasis is put on the local arts here, that is why I wanted Casa of Love to be a platform that allows independent makers to share their love for what they do. 

      How did you choose which businesses to work with & why did you choose Sum Tea (formerly Blue Brew Tea)?

        This is the first time I’m doing this so I just went with some of my favorite people in Hong Kong! I am definitely a tea person and once I tried Sum Tea I just fell in love with the idea of butterfly pea tea and the other beautiful blends of tea! 

        Butterfly Pea Flower Tea collaboration with Casa of Love for Pride Month
        What message are you hoping to spread with Casa Of Love and Pride Month this year?

          I think it is a simple message that love has no boundaries and it should be celebrated in all its forms! 

          We have found that a number of friends and family among the Asian community, have struggled with their identity. Was it difficult for you to come out to your family & what advice would you give others who are thinking about doing the same?

            I think I had it a little easier than most. My mom didn’t accept it right away but she was able to put my happiness above her own expectations and with a lot of communication and understanding, she is now a super supporter of me and my relationship with my fiancée! I would say that communication is key. 

            As Asians, we tend to keep everything to ourselves and be quiet about everything but I don’t think that really gets us anywhere. It might be hard but both parties need to be willing to listen to each other with open hearts.
            Beyond Pride Month, what can we do as a community to normalise LGBTQ relationships?

              I actually think that in a society that is still quite conservative, we need to have more conversations.

              There needs to be more encouragement in being proud of oneself no matter what sexual orientation you identify with. Hopefully we will see more LGBTQ+ representation come to light in the near future! 

              We think it’s wonderful that you and Elaine share so much of your relationship with us through social media but tell us something we don’t see.

                We are actually 2 weirdos at heart. One of the things I like to do actually is to play makeup and do little facials for Elaine.

                Finally, what advice would you tell your 10 year old self?

                  I would tell my 10 year old self to not worry too much. Life has a way of working itself out and there will always be good that comes with the bad and vice versa.

                  Go with the flow but work hard and always remember to do what you love! 

                  June 2021 has been a busy month for Kayla and the team at The Wild Lot, with loads of events including the fabulous 80’s Pride Month Party. You can also check out the rest of the Casa of Love capsule collection on Basics for Basics. 


                  A big thank you for checking out the first edition of our Spill Sum Tea series. We hope you enjoyed getting to know the story and inspiration behind the blend. 

                  We have a handful of our limited edition Casa of Love X Sum Tea collab left on our store. 

                  See you again for the next instalment of Spill Sum Tea