Soul Sister
Soul Sister
Soul Sister

Soul Sister

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Inspired by the ancient practices of Traditional Chinese, this limited edition tea is a special blend created for the Women's Health Month in May 2022. The health tea is specifically formulated under the guidance of certified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Michelle Zhang of Balance Health Hong Kong. Carefully blended with the understanding of women's natural flows and rhythms in mind, Soul Sister is packed with healthy herbs to further strengthen and uplift women's health.

Rosebud - pampers liver's qi
Ginger - increases warm energy
Mulberry - tonifies the energy in kidney
Ginseng - reinforces vital energy
Goji Berry - nourishes liver and kidney
Honeybush - produces anti-inflammatory effect

Together, these ingredients tonify the vital energy inside the women's body and pamper the qi flow with a relaxing effect.

Made by women for women. This blend is in collaboration with Balance Health HK. For more information about TCM and holistic health practices, please visit

Rosebuds, ginger, mulberry, goji berries and honeybush

 Hot brew 1 tea bag / 1 tablespoon + 350mL/ 1 mug  of 100°C (use tap water for best results), steep for 5 mins

Cold brew2 tea bags / 2 tablespoons + 750mL/ 1 jug of cool to room temperature water, refrigerate for at least 4 hours, overnight is best

storage instructions  For best results, keep in an airtight container away from sunlight

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